fond farewell

Hi there,

I’m really sorry to say but this will be my last post on here. I am going to continue to blog however, I am moving to blogger as it is quicker and easier for me to use. if you would still like to follow me please visit;

I know my posts on here have been few and far I between but I am making a resolution to blog as least once a week with blogger, sharing my inspiration, finds and general life.

Thank you for all you support,

Harriette x


Race For Life 2013- WOW

Yesterday was My Race for life in the town where I live and it was unreal!

It was the hottest day of the year so far and our town park was a sea of pink. One of my best friends and I turned but at the park around 10ish and I have never seen the park that busy, whole families and friends there to support each other run the 5k Race for Life for Cancer Research.

We did a huge group warm up with all the race participants with a local Zumba fitness group, we were told inspirational stories from people in treatment as well as remission- all of it was truly humbling and my friend and I had huge tears in our eyes!

We set off at 11 as scheduled and we decided to go in the jogging group as the heat was already wearing us out and I am not known for my running abilities if I’m honest! It was great reading everyone’s tabs to see who/why they were running the Race for Life. All ages, sizes, abilities….and lots of different outfits! One person was dress in a fluffy Pikachu outfit, I was only in shorts and a crop top and I was sweating like mad so I don’t know how they did it.

We completed the race in 55 mins….yes we power walked some of it was it was just sooooooooooooo hot. My husband, daughter, dad, in laws, niece and friends were there to support me and watch me cross that finish line. It was just a buzz!

I’m so proud of myself as well as EVERYONE who took part in Race for life 2013. The money raised is going to an amazing cause and hopefully it will help make a giant leap forward to kicking cancers butt!

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New Years Resolutions

Right so…new year…new attitude…new challenges….new experiences etc.

My New Years resolutions this year are simple ones but I still feel quite passionate about them.

1. Drink more water- I am awful for keeping my fluids up and this one as silly as it sounds I am find difficult because as I’m upping my fluids my toilet trip up. I know it will settle down and the benefits will be great but grrrrr! I will persevere!

2. Exercise more regularly- I want to get fit and tone up. Plus I would really like to do Race For Life this year…watch this space….

3. Be less lazy-……ok so I have to admit, I could do more but mainly I could get what needs to be done as soon as e.g. someone wants a tattoo designing, I should do it that day or as soon as I have time.

Wish me luck!

Merry Christmas

Wow. What a fab but busy time me and my little family have had. It was Effie’s first Christmas and it was brilliant. We stayed at home this year, my Mumma and Sister visited in the morning and then my in laws came in the evening. My husband made the best Christmas dinner and then I did our evening feast…

I made my first ever loaf of bread, ginger biscuits, short bread, dark choc and ginger caramel torte (soooooooooooooooo rich) as well as making a lot of other treats that I gave as Christmas gifts. We also had posh cheeses and ham, pรขtรฉ, water biscuits and bits and bobs.

As well as fab food, we had great company and all three of us were spoilt rotten :-).

Hope you have all had a great Christmas!

Pictures to follow. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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